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GK Constructions - Shop renovation

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to continuously develop and expand their business. With time, they realise that natural wear and tear affects their store image. Stores often need to offer a new, fresh image to attract new clients. A renovation is the answer to all the above issues.

shop renovation

At Gk constructions we undertake the renovation of all types of stores or shops. We undertake the design-construction and renovation of any shop from food and beverage premises (bars, restaurants, etc) to pharmacies, doctor’s offices and clinics.

The services of our company, regarding the renovation of shops, focus on the following stages:

Architectural Design
Architectural Design and design of the shop, completed by experienced architects, engineers and designers, focusing on functionality, the correct use of space and upgrading of the aesthetics of your space. The study and design of the site are the most important step when renovating a shop.
GK constructions, with its experience and highly trained staff can carry out the work in a very short amount of time so that your store is closed for the shortest possible time. Sometimes we can even work while your business is running without closing and losing revenue.
Equipment placement
Installation of constructions, lights, furniture and metallic constructions for your products, tailored to your store, depending on the type and the sector.
Throughout every step of the renovation, we provide constant support for the correct progression of the work and the avoidance of mistakes and imperfections. Our support continues after the renovation to cover all your future needs.

At GK constructions when renovating a shop, our objectives are:

The correct design of the store, the storage spaces, the media. This is achieved due to our long experience in the field of construction and renovation.

The highest functionality and better utilization of your space. With a correctly designed renovation, we facilitate the communication, the flow and the distribution of the individual departments of your business (customer service and sales area, warehouse, laboratory, etc.). Moreover, the circulation and cooperation of the staff is improved, so there is greater efficiency in their work, saving time and effort (especially in pharmacies where many times we need to have thousands of products in very small spaces). Also, special attention is given to the creation of a comfortable reception area and customer service in order to feel safe and familiar.

Upgrade the style of the outside of your store for maximum customer attraction. The face of the store is often what gets you the most clients. A renovation of the outside will result in the increase of potential customers.

shop renovation

At GK Constructions our ultimate objective is to serve and please our customer. Therefore, we always study your needs and the style you want to achieve and based on that, we propose a solution. If you already have a technical study, we can proceed straight to a budget and a construction schedule.

Live pleasantly and functionally in your space by renovating it with GK constructions!