House renovation

House renovation

The current economic situation has created a substantial problem for the sale of property. Thus, most people are now focused on renovating their current property, rather than purchasing a new one.

Advantages of a Renovation

The advantages of a renovation are multifaceted:

  • It is the most economical solution to fundamentally upgrade a space rather than acquire a new property.
  • It gives the opportunity to choose the exact budget that you want to spend.
  • We can make specific changes, designed by you to improve your space functionally and aesthetically.
  • We proceed according to your schedule, without having to depend on others.

The right partner

The most important part of a successful renovation is choosing the right partner.
GK constructions is one of the top renovation companies in Greece and can guarantee a perfect outcome, at the best possible price.
Our extensive experience in the technical study, design and implementation of a renovation, can guarantee the desired outcome, perfectly on time.
The team at GK Constructions includes, among others, a structural engineer, an architect, a decorator, a foreman and several crews.
All our partners have excellent training and show great professionalism that guarantees the successful completion of your project: from a simple renovation that can include only minor changes, to a complete renovation, consisting of complex and difficult tasks.
Gk constructions has its own showroom, with a wide variety of products of excellent quality. The use of our high quality materials ensures the maximum functional and aesthetic result! GK constructions undertakes the external as well as the internal renovation of a residence.

Exterior renovation

An external renovation aims for both energy upgrades, to reduce heating and cooling costs (which will contribute to the reduction of ecological pollution) and aesthetic upgrades to your residence. It may include the following steps:

  • The repair and plastering of the external parts of the building
  • The painting of the building
  • The replacement of the window and door frames
  • The external thermo-facade
  • The thermal insulation and repair of the roof
  • Reshaping the Garden

Interior renovation

In an internal renovation, the interior decorator's experience plays a key role; depending on the size of the rooms and the lighting, he will recommend specific colours and furniture for a functional and aesthetically pleasing room.
The stages of the internal renovation are the following:

  • Dismantling and demolition of internal walls. (in older buildings a special study on the structural stability is carried out)
  • Dismantling of plumbing and electrical installations
  • Dismantling of the bathroom, kitchen, wardrobes, floors, interior frames and doors.
  • Replacement of internal frames
  • Installing a new plumbing system
  • Upgrading/replacing electrical wiring
  • Upgrading internal thermal insulation
  • Floor fitting and installation
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Bathroom remodelling
  • Total renovation of bedrooms and living room
  • Painting and wallpaper fitting

Choose GK constructions

Choose GK constructions for your renovation. GK Constructions has all the resources to reach the best outcome.

The appropriate choice of materials.

The use of excellent quality materials that you can see and choose yourself in the company's private showroom, ensures the functionality of your space, the longevity of your renovation and guarantees the best quality-price ratio.

The choice of experienced staff.

Our specialized crews and the constant supervision by the experienced engineer and the foreman, guarantee the outcome.

Qualified Technical Support.

The company continues to be close to you even after the completion of the project in order to meet any needs that may arise in the future.

Simply contact us and we will come up with a suggestion tailored to your needs and budget!