Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

A place that deserves particular attention in a renovation is the bathroom, because it is the busiest place on a daily basis. The renovation of the bathroom gives a sense of luxury, completely changing the look and appearance of your property and it can quickly increase its value as well! The renovation of the bathroom demands high standards in order to be successful.

bathroom renovation

Work that can be done in bathroom renovation:

Remove old tiles - sanitary ware.

The proper replacement of tiles involves removing old tiles, plastering the wall and then placing new tiles. Additionally, it is good to have the frame in the bathroom (if available) and the internal door replaced, to give appropriate consistency in the room.

Plasterboard Constructions.

GK Constructions undertakes plasterboard constructions. For example, the construction of plasterboard for ceiling lighting - a change that can give a completely new look to the bathroom.

Electrical wiring

It is necessary to check the electrical installations, in case we need to re-install sockets, grounding etc. It is also necessary is to examine the water heater and, if required, a new one will be installed. For solar hot water systems, GK Constructions collaborates with the leading company in its field ILIOAKMI.


Our experienced crews will thoroughly examine the plumbing of your bathroom and if needed, a new plumbing system will be fitted, using a high quality multilayer tube from the best companies in the field. At GK constructions we have partnered with a large number of companies, so that we can fulfil all of your needs!

bathroom renovation

New tiles on walls and floors.

The quality of the renovation of a bathroom depends on the correct choice of colours, size layout of the new tiles. In the renovation of the bathroom in your professional space we suggest, alternatively, lava cement for a more unique result.

Painting with anti-mould ecological paints Vivechrom.

Our experienced crews can create a truly wonderful outcome using different colours and styles, which, combined with the quality of the ecological, anti-mould colours from Vivechrom can give the result you desire!

Sanitary ware from the best companies.

Sanitary ware includes taps, basins, baths, spas etc.. The choice of sanitary ware depends solely on your taste. New sanitary items, from the most classic choices to original, in-style solutions, contribute in the most effective way to a radical change or the targeted improvement of your bathroom. The companies we use include but are not limited to: Idealstandard, Pyramis, Grohe, Roca, Teka, Gattoni, GSI, Villeroy & Boch. We offer of-the-shelf products but also customised solutions.

Aluminum or PVC frames

Finally, at GK constructions we aim for the best outcomes that will last long term. Therefore, the correct choice for the change of frames either from aluminium or PVC is an important "basis" to avoid future problems that could be particularly costly.

The correct combination of the above projects that we at GK constructions will take care of, will result in an excellent outcome which will "reflect" your choices according to your stylistic "philosophy"!
A prerequisite for proper renovation of your bathroom is the thorough completion of a number of stages.

1. Contact us by calling 2167005379 to arrange a meeting at your space, where we will examine it and accurately record the work that needs to be done in order to get the desired outcome. The corresponding cost will be calculated accordingly. 2. If your property is outside Athens, you can email us the floor plan and photos of your property, with a complete description of the work you wish to be done in order to be able to send you the exact cost. 3. We will promptly come up with a proposal that we will send it to you by email. Alternatively, a meeting can be set up in our showroom in order to discuss in detail and to see a plan as well as the products we recommend for your renovation.
2.The bathroom, apart from being a place of relaxation and care, is one of the most vital areas of our home, so a nicely done remodelling or renovation has multiple benefits:
 bathroom renovation
• It aesthetically upgrades not only the bathroom itself, but gives a fresher look to the whole house, as the bathroom is one of the most basic and most used spaces. • It results in the improvement of the hygiene of the space.
• Maximizes the functionality and comfort of the bathroom. An intelligent exploitation of space, even for the smallest bathrooms, leads to a successful renovation. This improves the usability of storage or other spaces and results in the improvement of the quality of life inside your property.
• Finally, the highly skilled personnel and the top quality materials (tiles, showers, sinks etc.) used by GK Constructions for the construction of your bathroom ensure excellent results over time and maximise the return on your investment!