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GK-Constructions Hotel Renovation

More and more hotels renovate their spaces in order to increase their traffic and their reputation and thus achieve an increase in their direct or indirect profits.
GK Constructions is an innovative company that undertakes the partial or total renovation of a hotel unit or any type of a professional accommodation: from the reception areas, the rooms, and the facades, to the “in-store” shops (restaurants, cafes, etc.) as well as the exterior spaces surrounding the property.

hotel renovation

So, whether it is a small accommodation or a large hotel unit we can carry out renovation of any kind. At GK Constructions, having done a large number of renovations and constructions and working alongside the most qualified partners, we can provide you with a complete package of services that includes the following steps:

hotel renovation

The details..

Setting the final result and the exact style we want to achieve based on your requirements. Additionally, through the renovation of the hotel, it is also vital to improve the energy efficiency of your business, reducing the energy costs and therefore the expenses of the company.
Detailed recording of needs and measurement of internal and external spaces and floor plans to make a complete imprint of what needs to be reformed: from the largest space, such as the reception area down to the finest point where a change could make a substantial difference.
Redesigning of the spaces, providing practical and intelligent solutions for a perfect outcome, always aiming for a unique aesthetic but also to fulfil the needs of the business and the vision of its owner.


Performance of a technical study by the architects and engineers of the company, consisting of the electrical, plumbing, construction, lighting, floors as well as any other work required for the renovation. It should be noted that all the work is conducted under the supervision of a civil engineer or experienced foreman.

Construction and restructuring of the premises, done by our crews. Our extensive experience in the field of construction and renovation of real estate offers high quality results, consistent with your taste. GK Constructions uses the most pioneering and high quality materials that will highlight the particular style of your business, giving a unique result.

Placement of the materials in the space, such as wood, furniture, lights, tiles, wallpapers, textiles etc., in order to create comfortable and hospitable spaces, fulfilling each and every one of your needs and desires.

hotel renovation

In case you already have a study or a plan which you have prepared, you can contact us via phone and send the material to us via email. We can then arrange a meeting that fits your schedule at your space and we can recommend any improvements and changes to your plan. In this manner we can provide you with pricing according to your own requirements and the budget you have set, giving you our professional opinion. If there is no prior study, we will arrange a visit to your premises where we will examine the areas carefully, discuss the changes needed to achieve the result you want within your budget, and recommend the work required. After the necessary planning, we will prepare a detailed cost analysis of the work according to your choices and budget and prepare and present you with a feasibility offer. The renovation work is then ready to start!

With us you will achieve an excellent aesthetic result at the most competitive price in the market and we will satisfy you to the maximum extent!

Available Renovation Designs

Cyclades style